Party Wall Fee Structure

At Party Wall Services we understand the importance of budgeting for proposed works, including professional fees, and whilst each project must be priced according to the project specifics and the number of adjoining owners/premises affected, an example of our fees is shown below.

This example is based upon a standard 3 bedroom semi-detached property in London, where the owners are undertaking a single storey rear extension:-

Service of Initial Notice       £75   + VAT
Schedule of Condition         £450 + VAT
Award                                     £500 + VAT


Please note that costs may differ depending on the nature of the works, location and number of neighbours/ owners involved. We are happy to provide a fixed fee quotation from the outset. Please Contact Us for more information, costs and advise.

For complete clarity and confirmation of our costs, detailed below are the hourly rates of our surveyors:-

Technical Administrator                                £60.00  per hour + VAT
Assistant Surveyor                                           £95.00  per hour + VAT
Surveyor                                                           £140.00 per hour + VAT
Senior Surveyor                                               £180.00 per hour + VAT