The following guide is provided to ensure you are aware of what Data we require and how such data is used and shared. Our internal server is private and situated within our offices inaccessible to anyone outside of our direct team. All PC’s and laptops have antivirus software. We believe that your Data is safe within our internal filing system and is password protected using an online dropbox system for files. Contact information is only held on our own extranet system to which only staff members and our IT consultants can login.

What information is being collected?

At PWS we collect the name, address and contact details of our appointing owners. We then verify the ownership of the property via HM Land Registry. We also attend properties to undertake Schedules of Condition where appointed to do so, however no photos are included in the reports but are retained on record for at least 7 years for reference should immediate or latent defects or damages be incurred which escalates the original dispute and may require further consideration. In regards to boundaries, physical datum or refence points may be included in reports but every effort is made to ensure no personal information is included in such images.

Who is collecting it?

The Data Protection Officer is responsible to ensuring Data is collected in accordance with GDPR and retained on files correctly and privately. The following staff members are able to request data relevant to our formal appointment to act where a dispute arises or professional services are engaged.

Vicky Dewey-Bruce – Director
Phillip Dewey-Bruce – Director
Tia Thwaite – Technical Administrator
Emma Freeman – Technical Administrator/Accounts/ Data Protection Officer

How is it collected?

The information is given to PWS by the appointing owner through the letter of appointment which is a requirement under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. We also receive requests for quotations and advise using our online contact form, On line chat and email, as well as verbally on the telephone. We never initiate contact with a direct party, we are always contacted in the first instance. Ownership of property is also verified through HM Land Registry. Further Data in regards to property condition and or boundaries is collated during a site visit which would have been pre-arranged. This will be in the form or a written report and supporting photographs. Images of the internal areas of properties are never disclosure but are retained for future refence, if necessary.

Why is it being collected?

Data is collected to ensure that we are equipped to make contact with the parties to arrange surveys, keep up to date on progress and communication and to ensure that the Award or other reports provided are correct. Condition surveys are undertake to provide records of condition of premises. Images are taken to support boundary dispute resolution where appropriate.

How will it be used?

It will be used solely for Party Wall/ Boundary matters in the terms of progressing any disputes that may have arisen between owners, arranging surveys and sharing relevant documents provided by the parties. The information may therefore be shared between professional appointed parties but not with the public or neighbours directly unless specific request by all parties to be openly contacted and copied into correspondence has been requested in writing. Such correspondence will be limited to the necessary communication and matters in regards to dispute resolution will be kept between the largely appointed parties.

Who will it be shared with?

No personal information is shared to anyone outside of PWS Surveyors Limited. General information will be shared with the relevant parties, such as the adjoining owners’ surveyor or the building owners’ surveyor as this is a mandatory action under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. Unless all parties involved within the Party Wall/ Boundary matter request to be copied into any correspondence, it would be between the two surveyors and their team. From time to time, particularly in dispute matters it may become necessary to share files with legal representatives, whom have verified their position and appointment to Act.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

All of the information that has been collected will be used to progress any matters under the Act or other neighbourly dispute. By retaining current, correct information and legal verification of ownership of the properties will ensure matters can be progressed diligently and lawfully.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

No third parties are involved within the collection or passing on of personal data. If neighbours have appointed their own surveyors then we are legally entitled under the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 to share formal letters of appointment stating that we are appointed to act on behalf of the named party.